My Top 5 Favorite Worship Albums

I thought it would be fun to put together a list of my favorite worship albums. Not necessarily the most influential to my worship leading, or albums that influenced worship music as a whole, but just the records that have spoken to me; these are the albums I love to belt out at home or in my car (and of course with my church). Here we go:

5. “Empires” – Hillsong United 

To me this is Hillsong United’s best album to date. The artistry in this one continues to amaze me every time I listen. From the lyrics, to the beautiful melodies, to the killer arrangements, this album puts “worship music” on the same level (if not above) with the rest of music today.

Empires 900.001

4. “Glorious Ruins” – Hillsong Live 

This album made the list because of the sheer number of songs on it that I love. So many albums have those songs that just are not on par with the rest, but not so with this album, it’s just hit after hit for me. Songs like “You Never Fail,” “Christ Is Enough,” “Where The Spirit Of The Lord Is,” “To Be Like You,” “Man Of Sorrows,” and “Anchor,” make for such a solid album.

Glorious Ruins 900.001

3. “We Will Not Be Shaken” – Bethel Music 

Few albums have brought me to worship quite like this one. The Holy Spirit’s hand in writing this album is so evident. Every song brings me before the throne, draws me closer to the heart of God, and teaches me new things about Him with every listen. I will never grow tired of singing those simple words: “Jesus We Love You.”

Shaken 900.001

2. “We Are Young & Free” – Hillsong Young & Free 

This album came as a surprise to me, and probably to many others, but so quickly became one of my favorites. It’s another one of those albums where I love every single song. They might be the new Hillsong band and the “youth band,” but songs like “Gracious Tempest” and “Sinking Deep” have incredible amounts of depth. This album has so many songs that have brought me, and my church, to the throne.

Y&F 900.001

1. “Brave New World” – Amanda Cook

Every song on this album speaks straight to my heart. It seems like the Holy Spirit and Amanda wrote this album just for me. Never has a collection of music moved me like this one has. This might be an album you haven’t heard of or listened to, but I’d love for you to listen to it, and I’ll pray that it speaks to you in many of the ways that it has to me. I’m so thankful that God doesn’t give His heart in pieces.

Amanda Cook 900.001

What’s your top 5?


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